Gravy Recipes

Gravy Recipes

Gravy is a sauce, often made from meat juices or stock or vegetable juices. Wine or other alcohol is often added for flavour, and then the gravy is often thickened with flour or corn starch. In America, gravy can refer to any type of sauce, and it is often a little bit thinner than the gravy you'd find in Britain. Gravy is eaten most commonly with various cuts of meat or vegetables, but it can also be served in sandwiches, over chips or used as a base for dishes such as shepherd's pie. We've got a gravy for every occasion below, from sweet red onion gravy to a hearty stout gravy and even a chocolate gravy for puds!

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About Gravy:

Although Britons tend to think of gravy as a meat/vegetable sauce to serve over hot cooked dinners, in other parts of the world, the term 'gravy' can refer any sauce made with flour and in America, various gravies are served over all sorts of foods, including eggs and biscuits. In Britain, home cooks tend to make use of ingredients such as stock cubes or gravy granules to thicken gravies, and in America, gravy salt or gravy browning is often used to give flavour to meat gravies.

Many of the recipes above include wine or beer as an ingredient. If you don't want to use alcohol in your gravy, simply substitute the amount of alcohol for an equal amount of stock or pan juices. You could also try alcohol-free alcohol for the same sort of flavour.

Take a look above for many gravy recipes, including a simple turkey gravy, a lovely gravy for serving with goose as well as a gravy made with apples perfect for serving with pork.

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